The 27%er Success System

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Daily Inspiration with SMS text reminders to keep you engaged and inspire you to greatness daily.

Just-in-time microlearning delivered daily that will guide you down the path of personal and business growth.

People work harder when you keep score. This system motivates you through a gamified, real-time scoreboard.


Social Encouragement


A systematic, gamified way to ensure daily application of the lessons being taught. No other training in the industry can utilize our exclusive application system.

Reflect on and share your most significant win every day. Give and receive Digital High Fives that will motivate yourself and others in building your business.

See a view of your goal progression and be able to access all the content that motivated your actions on your journey to building your successful business.

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System Overview

Watch Brian Cox demonstrate the power of the 27%er Success System.

System Intro

Watch the 27%er intro to learn more about how this system will create a breakthrough for your business.


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